Viewing Northern Lights In Denali National Park

Denali National Park | Northern Lights

Can you see the Northern Lights in Denali National Park? The short answer is YES, you can see the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, in Denali National Park, Alaska. Denali National Park has piqued the interest of visitors all over the world with its incredible views of Alaska landscapes. Denali is located in the interior of Alaska just south of Fairbanks and offers a great opportunity to witness the Northern Lights. The winter months, when the nights are long and dark, are the best time for viewing - typically late August to early April when the weather is clear and cold with the dark skies, long nights, and minimum light pollution.

The night sky filled with green, yellow, purple colors of the northern lights over the Alaska mountain range in Denali national park.

The Alaska mountain range located in Denali National park set a stunning photo as the northern lights ripped over the night sky. The sky was filled with green, yellow, purple and more as mother nature displayed her night show.

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Alaska Northern Light Tours

There many Northern Light tours to choose from in Alaska but everything comes down to the weather and the right tour to get you at the right spot at the right time. As a photography instructor with Light Chasing Photo Tours, I know we've been able to chase the lights and find clear skies with every tour we've hosted. We've found amazing locations throughout Alaska and Denali National Park areas to view the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights sparkle nearly straight overhead with colors of white, purple, pink and green while snow and pine trees sit in silhouette on the ground.

After waiting for hours and watching the Northern Lights slowly build, the corona dropped overhead and put on a spectacular show along the Dalton Highway, just north of Fairbanks.

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We can't control the weather but we will find clear skies and get clients to amazing locations to see them. Whether you have photography equipment, just a cell phone, or want to sit back and soak up the experience, Light Chasing Photo Tours will bring you an adventure you won't forget. If you are interested in photography and bring your camera we'll will help and assist you in capturing that perfect image of this bucket list adventure. Creating memories and checking off that bucket list item is the name of game, correct? We also offer many other tours and adventures to warmer climates such as Hawaii, fall colors in Colorado, wildflowers in Glacier National Park, and more.

Staying Warm In Alaska While Viewing Northern Lights

Looking up into the night sky with snow covered trees surrounding the view. The sky is filled green and blue colors from the northern lights.

I have always loved looking up into the night sky as a kid. Well it continues as I look up into the night sky among the boreal forest in Alaska as the northern lights danced high above me. The corona pulsating directly overhead was amazing!

If you decide to check off this bucket list item to see the Northern Lights in Alaska, you'll need to stay warm and layers of clothing will be your best friend. Being warm will allow you to sit back and comfortably soak up the experience of seeing the Northern Lights in Denali National Park. There are many outfitters near Fairbanks that rent jackets, gloves, snow pants and more. So if your coming from a warm climate such as Florida, Hawaii, California winter gear is likely not part of your wardrobe. No need to buy thousands of dollars of clothing before you even step foot on a plane to get there when we'll help you with renting gear and equipment you need while you're there. Depending on where your flying into either Fairbanks or Anchorage Alaska there will be rental shops to fill your clothing needs.

Ready to View the Northern Lights in Denali National Park?

Are you ready? If you plan now, you'll be in the crisp Arctic air with a blanket of snow, and the night sky painted with hues of green, purple, and pink before you know it. It's like nature's own light show. The park offers prime viewing spots, and if you're lucky, you might even spot the lights reflecting off the snow-covered peaks.

This bucket list experience combines the magic of the night sky with the wild beauty of Denali. Just remember to bundle up, bring a camera, and prepare for a mesmerizing show that will stay etched in your memory forever. Anything specific you want to know or plan for your Northern Lights adventure in Denali? Just contact Joe for more info and advice!

A open snowy road leads my directly into snow covered mountains in Denali National Park. The evening sunset filled the sky with purple colors.

Traveling though Denali National Park this quiet road led me directly into the mountains inside the park. The sunset colors and alpine glow over the mountains was one to remember.

Denali National Park Northern Lights | Alaska Landscape Images by Joe Garza