Best Selling Landscape Photography of 2022

Top 10 best selling photos for 2022

What an amazing year not only for traveling to some epic locations but capturing some incredible photos of landscapes and abstract art. It was a hard decision to decide on the top 10 images. So I decided to list the top 10 best selling images of 2022. In no particular order here they are!

1- On Guard | Portland Head Lighthouse - Cape Elizabeth, Maine | Lighthouse Images for sale

One of my favorite lighthouses along the east located in Maine is the Portland Head Lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth.

Portland Head Lighthouse beacon shines with overcast grey skies. The waves crash along the rocky shoreline in Maine.

Overcast skies at the Portland Head Lighthouse on the rocky coast made this morning a epic drama setting. With it's light beacon shining bright it was on guard to passing ships in the Atlantic ocean.

2- Orange Crush | Kauai, Hawaii | Ocean Wave Photography

Hawaii is a magical place on Earth no matter which Hawaiian island you visit. One of my favorite islands to visit and photograph is Kauai. Kauai also nicknamed "the Garden Isle", thanks to the tropical rainforest covering much of its surface, is specular. KE'E beach is a must to visit especially along the Napali.

The crashing waves explode against the rocky beach along the Napali Coast as outgoing and incoming waves collide. Photographing the beach sunset behind these waves is nothing short of impressive. This image is one that's easy to understand why they say art can relieve stress as you sit with a glass of wine, taking in this image as you let the day roll off your shoulders.

Backlit waves crashes along the Napali coast in Kauai. This sunset filled the entire sky orange creating a gorgeous Hawaii scene.

Hawaii sunsets are just spectacular over the Kauai coastline. This evening was just one of them. The incredible orange glow backlit the crashing waves along the Napali coast on Ke'e Beach. Known for it's beautiful turquoise waters and stunning beaches this is just another slice of paradise in the Hawaiian islands.

3- Time Traveler | Telluride, Colorado | Mountain Photography | Colorado Fall Colors

It's extremely difficult to beat the fall colors in Colorado during autumn. The mountains and aspen trees cover this entire area. The rustic cabins sit under Mount Wilson's watchful eye as the fall foliage brings out yellow aspen trees and the light just peers through the clouds on this damp, chilly Colorado fall morning.

Early morning light peaks thru the clouds shining on old Colorado barns on the country side. The snow covered mountain as the backdrop to this scene.

Driving thru the Colorado countryside had me stopped in my tracks when I seen this view. Earlyt morning light breaking thru the clouds painted light across this stunning landscape. Mount Wilson covered in fresh snow makes everything complete. Enjoy this beautiful image I call "Time Traveler"

4- Looking Glass | Baraboo, Wisconsin | Tree Photography

Found this little boat resting in calm waters with fall colors reflecting in this lake. My first thought was this was perfect for a cabin or lake home. The Midwest holds some amazing landscape locations to photograph fall colors and reflection photography.

This small little boat sits in calm waters casting a beautiful reflection of itself and the fall colors that surround it.

Sitting in the calm waters this little row boat sits peacefully in the fall colors. Just had to take in the reflections of this little scene.

5- Fire Wood | Portland, Oregon | Japanese Maple Tree

Yes, fall colors seems to be choice for the most popular images this year and this image was no exception. This Japanese Maple Tree has captured the hearts and homes of many, for sure. I have found tree images have been extremely popular. Anything from Aspen trees, Cottonwood trees, Birch trees, Hardwood trees, Old Spanish moss trees and more.

Fire Wood - Tree Photography For Sale

This amazing Japanese Maple tree located in Portland has captured the love of many people. It captured mine as well. The colors and pristine landscape of this garden is a incredible view and image for any home.

6- Morning Reflections | Mount Rainier National Park

There is just something about mountain photography with grand landscapes and mountains covered with snow. Tipsoo Lake reflects Mount Rainier and the colors of the mountain sunrise making this photograph one to remember.

Early morning lights touches the snow covered Mount Rainier. Tipsoo lake reflects the top of the mountain with cotton candy colored skies.

Early morning light touches the snow covered top of Mount Rainier. I went on this ridge above Tipsoo Lake in hopes to capture some beautiful light. Mount Rainier National Park has some of most breathe taking views. Flowers cover the ground and just made this even more epic.

7- Gold Rush | Telluride, Colorado | Aspen Tree Photography

Looking directly up thru this Aspen forest takes all your worries away. Watching the wind take the leaves off and fill the air with gold glitter aspen leaves makes the world stand still for just a few minutes. Take this image home and breathe in the cool air and yellow aspen trees from the comfort of your own home!

Gold Rush - Colorado Prints

8- Ocean Spray | Kauai, Hawaii | Ocean Wave Photos For Sale

Watching waves exploding along the Napail coast line in Kauai, Hawaii is mezmerizing. The ocean and coastline along the Hawaiian Islands are paradise that are nearly impossible to turn around and walk away from. Thankfully, with this incredible image you can watch these crashing waves along the rocky shore from the comfort of your own home and never have to walk away.

This popular image was printed as big as 27"x81" and framed with a black liner and dark ash Italian Roma Frame. It's amazing seeing these pieces that large as a true piece of luxury fine art.

Waves explode along the rocky coast of Hawaii. These waves towering high in the air show the turquois colors of the Hawaii waters.

The waves crashing along the Napili coast is just intense as they explode against each other. Capturing these massive waves is just as exciting. This scene shows the power and intense ocean spray of turquoise water to shine through. Add this fine art image to your home or office that will take you away to Hawaii paradise.

Ocean Spray | Black Liner | Dark Ash Italian Roma Frame

9- A Little Secret | Maui, Hawaii

Not sure if I would call this an "secret" beach on the Hawaiian island Maui. One thing is for sure is it's a gorgeous spot to catch a sunset. This beach sunset photo has been a showcase piece in multiple homes this last year. One of my favorites for sure! So much so that it's being featured in my art shows as a triptych this upcoming year! Stop by and see it in person if you're able!

A stunning sunset on this little secret beach on the island of Maui. The waves filling the beach with this amazing sunset.

A little iconic Hawaii sunset view on this little secret beach. One of the most beautiful beaches on the islands that just says paradise. If there is a must image to add to your home its' this one for sure. Bring a little Hawaii love in your home or office.

Secret's Beach on Maui at sunset seen as a triptych metal print on a large wall.

10- Paia Crayons | Maui, Hawaii

Nothing says more Hawaii, tropical feelings and island vibes better than some good old surf boards! This surfboard fence fits any Hawaii paradise lover and which has been one of the best sellers this year. Aloha! If you're looking to get your own tropical images to bring to your home, don't miss Light Chasing Photo Tours Photography Workshops to Maui and Kauai!

A famous surfboard fence in Paia ,Maui sits along the road stopping tourist everyday for photo opportunities. Shop this print and a variety of Maui images!

This surfboard fence is a classic scene in Paia on the island of Maui. A common site throughout the island shows the culture and history of a "Surfs Up" attitude.

Nature and Landscape Photography Favorites

These images have been very popular and a few have even found their way to the walls of my own home. It is my pleasure and passion to showcase new images for you and hope one them will find a new home in your home.

Please go ahead and browse my full collection of images to find an image that can transform your home or office.

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2022 has been a amazing year and I am looking forward to 2023! Traveling to new locations and looking for that perfect light to capture a beautiful new photograph brings an anticipation I can hardly contain. Thanks for being part and following along this amazing journey. Interested in seeing some of these images in person? If so check out my upcoming shows for 2023.