Capturing the Beauty of Hawaii: Hawaii Landscape Photography

Hawaii Landscape Photography: Capturing the Beauty of Hawaii

Hawaii is a paradise for all visitors when it comes to breathtaking landscapes. The islands have beautiful scenery like rainforests, cliffs by the ocean, palm trees, turtles, and even volcanos. These Hawaii landscape photos can bring serenity to your home and inspire you as you plan your visit to the Hawaii.

What makes Hawaii a great place to visit?

Hawaii is one of my favorite places to visit. Its unique geography provides endless opportunities to explore and create stunning landscape images. Having visited the Big Island, Oahu, Kauai, and Maui I've witnessed everything from colorful sunrises over the ocean to beautiful waterfalls in the jungle. Every visit still brings new landscapes to discover so I keep heading back in my flip flops for more of the relaxed, beachy lifestyle.

Hawaii has a variety of landscapes for you to view including:

  • Volcanic landscapes - lava rock is plentiful on the Big Island and makes for stunning sunset scenes. When the volcano is erupting, Volcanoes National Park is a must to view the orange glow under the Milky Way at night.This amazing view at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park was spectacular. The Milky way hanging over the orange glow from the active volcano.

  • Sea turtles - there are plenty of areas to watch sea turtles swimming or see them resting on the beach at sunset. The Four Seasons Resort Hualalai is a beautiful sunset location that often has sea turtles resting in the evening. As with all wildlife, be cautious and respectful to give turtles the distance they need.
This amazing green sea turtle just surfaced for air before he took a dive to head to deeper waters in Kua Bay, Hawaii

  • Beaches and palm trees - from my favorite beach, Kua Bay on The Big Island, to the beautiful shores of Maui and Oahu, palm trees and beaches are plentiful. Bring a hammock and catch a relaxing breeze as you soak up the beautiful views!A stunning sunset on this little secret beach on the island of Maui. The waves filling the beach with this amazing sunset.

Famous Hawaii Landscapes

A famous spot for along the shores of Hawaii is the Na Pali Coast on Kauai island. This place has tall cliffs, green valleys, and clear water, and waterfalls, making it perfect for taking stunning photos.

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For those looking to capture the beauty of Hawaii from a different perspective, aerial photography is a popular choice. Light Chasing Photo Tours offers a doors-off helicopter tour to let you take photos of the islands from above. This gives you an amazing view of the beautiful landscapes below.

Cliffs and dramatic views of plush green and waterfalls in Hawaii. Clouds fill the scene with sunlight shines along the cliffs.

There are so many amazing views and hikes is Kauai. This hike on the Kalepa Ridge trail (Airplane trail) which is located at Kalalau lookout in the Koke'e State park. This hike has the most incredible views with the Napali coast. This evening we had many clouds fill the valley and soft light across the ridges to the ocean beach below. This is one my favorite images from this Garden Island known as Kauai.

Constantly Changing Landscapes

Hawaii landscape photography offers endless opportunities to explore and capture the beauty of the islands. I have spent years collecting images of Hawaii landscapes and will continue revisiting familiar places and exploring new ones. The landscapes are constantly changing with the golden light at sunrise and sunset providing new views every day.

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Waves rush onto shore during a sunset in Hawaii. Pink and orange unset colors fill the evening sky. A concrete fishing pier stretches into the rushing water.

Sudden rush of of the evening tide comes ashore in Kaua'i, Hawaii. The Hanalei pier is a favorite sunset beach location for the locals and visitors catching a beautiful Hawaiian sunset. The Hanalei Pier is a pier built into Hanalei Bay on the northern shore of the island of Kauaʻi in the state of Hawaii.