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Art Galleries in Telluride | Fine Art Photography

The landscape and views deep in the San Juan mountains nestled in Telluride are incredible any time of the seasons. Fall is probably this most amazing time to visit. Aspen trees surround Telluride and fill the crisp air with autumn vibes. Fall colors from yellow, orange, red and green surround Telluride area bringing photographers from around the US to capture it's beauty.

As you walk thru Telluride the streets are filled with people and gift shops at every corner. I love walking in the local photography galleries to find this area captured on camera with time sealed in a single photograph.

Aspen trees shaped like

Let the dance party begin! These amazing unique bent aspen trees have defied nature and avalanches. Some of these trees shaped like a "S" are incredible to see. Early morning light glows thru the trees in the background of this forest. If you like this image check out my other image called "Salsa Dancing"" I always enjoy getting back to this area to photograph these aspen trees.

Telluride Art Galleries

As a fine art photographer myself I have spent many years traveling and discovering the landscape of the San Juan's from Telluride to Ouray and surrounding areas. The beauty of Colorado never ceases to amaze me. Since I love this area so much I have decided to lead photography workshops during the fall every year to capture the beauty of the San Juan's fall colors. If you're interested in joining us and seeing the beauty of Telluride and surrounding areas make sure to check out our Fall color workshop. While I don't have a physical gallery in the Telluride area I love capturing stunning fine art photography that is printed large format to fit any wall for your home or office. If you're interested in an image know all of the images ordered off my site are printed in the U.S. and drop shipped to your home or office.

Leprechaun | Aspen Tree Images

It's not often you see an aspen tree with red leaves and this one really stood as I drove by it outside of Ouray. Scenes like these cozy little aspen trees are a good reminder of the magic Colorado fall colors always seem to bring.

Fine more beautiful tree images in Joe Garza's Trees & Fall Colors Collection!

Colorado Fall Color Photography Workshop

Join Joe Garza with Light Chasing Photo Tours for the Colorado Fall Color Photography Workshop! Check out the Workshops page for other epic adventures.