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Here you will find blogs personally written by Joe Garza. His blogs discuss and array of topics from his journey into to Fine Art Photography, how to create inviting spaces with landscape and nature prints, what backlit photography style means, the difference between printing on Acrylic and Metal, and much more.

Why I'm a Landscape Photographer | Landscape Photos for Sale

You know those moments you wish could last forever? It's my goal as a photographer to capture those moments out in the field and bring you those landscape photography images so you can see them every day in your space. I hope they bring you to the moment where you can close your eyes, be in that moment, breathe in air, and discover corners of the world through my lens.

Hiking Glacier National Park: A Photographer's Reflection

Nestled deep within the embrace of the Rocky Mountains lies a place that has stolen my heart time and time again – Glacier National Park. Now, as I reflect on my experiences in this enchanting wilderness, I'm excited to share the beauty and wonder of Glacier with fellow photographers through my online gallery and immersive hiking workshop.

Capturing the Beauty of Hawaii: Hawaii Landscape Photography

Hawaii is a paradise for all visitors when it comes to breathtaking landscapes. The islands have beautiful scenery like rainforests, cliffs by the ocean, palm trees, turtles, and even volcanos. These Hawaii landscape photos can bring serenity to your home and inspire you as you plan your visit to the Hawaii.

Top Landscapes Photos Of 2023 | Hawaii Landscape Photography | Colorado Mountain Photography

This year has been a incredible year for travel to brand new destination. Meeting new friends and sharing lifetime adventures with my family. My travels this year have taken me from Alaska, Aruba, Glacier National Park and more amazing spots. Let's take a peek at some of my most memorable destinations captured by a single push of a button on my camera.

Capture the Essence of Hawaii: A Guide to Landscape Photography in Paradise
Hawaii Landscape Photography

Hawaii, the picturesque paradise nestled in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, is a Hawaii landscape photographer's dream. Its diverse landscapes, from stunning beaches and volcanic terrains to lush rainforests and dramatic cliffs, offer an abundance of opportunities to capture breathtaking moments through the lens of a camera...

Exploring the Timeless Allure of Mountains Through Photography

Mountains have a way of calling you to them. There's something about the way they make you feel when you stand on them or before them that is powerful and timeless. Studies show they even have a positive impact on mental health. They hold a special place in history and culture due to their power, significance, and simply breathtaking views. Join me as I explore why mountains continue to draw people to them over and over again and what, exactly, is the allure of mountains.

Iconic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse: 10 Fun Facts!

The most famous lighthouse in the Outer Banks is the Cape Hatteras lighthouse. The iconic black and white spiral paint markings makes this one of the most iconic lighthouses in the U.S. What else is this lighthouse famous for? Check out this post to learn more about this amazing lighthouse in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  

Viewing Northern Lights In Denali National Park

Everyone has a bucket list of adventures to check off. Many have seeing the Northern Lights on that list. Have you dreamed of seeing them in Denali National Park? Let's take a peek at this amazing natural light show and talk about seeing the Aurora Borealis in Denali National Park. We'll review where to go to see the Northern Lights, who provides tours to see them and capturing images with Alaska's grand landscape is all possible. 

Art Galleries in Telluride | Fine Art Photography Galleries in Telluride

Telluride is nestled in the Colorado Rocky Mountains which has been known for it's mining surrounded by mountains peaks. The town’s historic district houses landmarks like the Sheridan Opera House, a performing-arts venue originally built in 1913. Telluride is also known for it's art galleries, ski resorts and golf resorts making this small Colorado town a very popular destination for summer and winter activities.

Where to See Colorado Fall Colors | Best Fall Colors in Colorado

Colorado offers some of the most exquisite views of fall colors and aspen trees I've ever seen. I'll share with you where you can see some of these incredible views with your own eyes. If you're considering a trip to Colorado for fall colors, consider joining me with Light Chasing Photo Tours on our Colorado Fall Colors Photography Workshop

Destruction of Maui Fires | Maui Banyan Tree

News of these fires made my heart sink. I've visited the beautiful island of Maui many times and have friends living there. I was grateful to learn they were safe but devastated to learn of the depth of destruction. Fires on the island of Maui began on Tuesday, August 8, 2023 as strong winds fueled sparks from a downed powerline. The historic town of Lahaina was nearly completely destroyed as the fire spread so quickly that many people headed to the ocean to escape the flames. Learn more about this disaster and how you can help this community rebuild.

Glacier National Park Photography | Best Locations in Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is a landscape photographer's dream. We recently took our photography workshop group out in Glacier National Park. Being up before sunrise and out until after sunset made for some full days but the beauty was exquisite. Click in and read on to check out these incredible images.

Palm Tree Photography | Fine Art Prints Palm Tree Wall Decor

Palm trees have an unmistakable allure that has captivated artists and photographers for centuries. Their elegant silhouettes, swaying fronds, and picturesque settings evoke a sense of relaxation, exoticism, and paradise. Walk these beaches with us and journey through the tropical world of beaches, sea turtle, palm trees.

Turtle Tales: A Sea Turtle Photography Showcase

Hawaii and Aruba have shared its rich cultural heritage and ecological diversity, serves as a sanctuary for several species of sea turtles. Let's take a peek as we dive into the world of Aruba and Hawaii's sea turtles, exploring their significance and celebrating their presence through the lens of Joe Garza's fine art photography.

What to Expect on a Photography Workshop?

Photography is a passion of mine. It started 20+ years ago and since I had a DSLR first put in my hand, it’s been a constant in my life. Hands-on has always been the best way for me to learn which is exactly why I offer photography workshops. In this post I’ll talk about what you can expect in every Light Chasing Photo Tours photography workshop, how to prepare, and what comes after the workshop closes.

Lighthouse Images | History of Lighthouses | Pictures of Lighthouses

Lighthouses are a place to indulge your senses as you listen to the ocean waves, take in the views of rocky shores, salt marshes, or the stunning night sky. The power of light and water come together to create a magical experience and memories that will last a lifetime.

Beautiful Tree Photography | Natural Tree Images

Trees images have a timeless charm that draws us in and captivates our senses. They transform our space and allow us to connect with nature and be inspired by their beauty. Join me on this visual journey through the captivating world of trees as the pine forests weather winter and aspen trees light the forest up with fiery colors in the fall. I hope you'll walk with me and find an image for your home or office that will provide a relaxing retreat where you can connect with nature. 

Best Beaches in Oahu | Best Spots to Visit in Oahu

Aloha! Welcome to Oahu, the tropical paradise boasting some of the finest beaches in the world. As a photographer, I have had the privilege of capturing the mesmerizing beauty of this Hawaiian island. Join me on an adventure as we explore the top beaches in Oahu, each offering its own unique charm and breathtaking scenery.

Barnwood Series | Deckled Edge Barnwood Framed Prints

Joe Garza Photography is offering a new, frame option for your fine art prints! The BARNWOOD SERIES provides a truly special presentation for your fine art print giving a classic, yet modern feel to your display and arrives ready to hang in your home or office. Read on to see samples of framed prints and to get more details!

Pearl Harbor Memorial Honolulu | USS Arizona Memorial | USS Missouri

I've always been a World War II buff given the military background in my life. My grandfather was in World War II and I am a Navy veteran myself so when I visited Oahu a trip to Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial was a must. It was an honor and privilege to be at this site to pay respect to those who fought and those who sacrificed their lives and remain behind. Join me on this visual journey through the USS Arizona Memorial, USS Missouri, and Pearl Harbor.

Best Things to Do In Aruba | One Happy Island

Aruba, the "One Happy Island" is a small island in the southern Caribbean Sea. Tucked away from hurricanes it's renowned for its pristine beaches, turquoise waters but also for its incredible connection with sea turtles. With its picture-perfect coastline and diverse sea life, this island paradise offers an unforgettable experience for beach lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. Check out my latest trip to Aruba and get a little taste of this Netherlands owned country. Let's take a journey to discover the mesmerizing beaches of Aruba and delve into the fascinating world of its sea life.

The Beauty of America's National Parks | National Park Photography

The 63 national parks across the United States are some of the most awe-inspiring places in the world, and they're all waiting for you to explore. From the soaring peaks of Rocky Mountain National Park to the sweeping deserts of Joshua Tree, from the lush rainforests of Olympic to the ancient ruins of Mesa Verde, our parks offer something for everyone. This is where we celebrate the natural beauty and cultural heritage of America's most cherished public lands!

Photography Painting with Bob Ross

Bob Ross is well known for his iconic paintings and his soothing voice that could make anyone feel relaxed. Bob was a renowned painter and art instructor, best known for his instructional television show, "The Joy of Painting," which aired from 1983 to 1994. While he is not known for his photography, there are certainly ways in which his philosophy of creating art can be applied to photography as well. Let's take a peek at how photography can relate to Bob Ross's landscape art on canvases. 

Reducing Stress and Tension with Tropical Beach Photos

When it comes to finding peace and tranquility, few things that can't beat a day spent on the beach. The sound of the waves, the warmth of the sun, and the sand between your toes can all work wonders for your mental and physical health. Let's look at some calming beach photos that can help you relax, destress, and unwind.

Best Places to Visit on the Big Island of Hawaii | Best Hawaii Beaches

Hawaii's Big Island is known for it's gorgeous beaches and diversified landscape, from snow covered volcanos to tropical rainforest. Check out just a few areas you must visit when heading to this island of paradise. 

Northern Lights In Madison Wisconsin

Stranger things have happen in this city called Mad-Town. Madison Wisconsin experienced a KP-8, geomagnetic activity, solar flares oh my... What does all this mean? Why did we see a rainbow of colors dance across the night sky over Wisconsin? Let's check it out below!  

Grand Tetons National Park | Best Spots To Visit

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is the home of the Grand Tetons National Park. This incredible travel destination will be a incredible experience for anyone's first visit to this amazing National Park. I have listed the top places to visit while your in the park. You never even know you may even see Grizzly bears with their cubs roaming throughout the park.

Hawaii | Best Kauai Beaches To Visit

So your heading to the Hawaiian Islands for a family vacation and to get away from from the hustle and bustle of life. Kauai is your island of choice also known to the locals of "The Garden Isle". What are the best beaches to go and relax on and find out!

Best Activities In Alaska | Visiting The Land Of The Midnight Sun

Alaska is simply an incredible state to visit and there is no other state quite like Alaska that is for sure. Alaska has some things that you just cannot find anywhere else. Since it’s located so far north, it has a unique environment that provides amazing views and unique ways to experience the great outdoors. Read this post to learn about the top 5 things to do and see in this amazing state!

Minneapolis Lake Home and Cabin Show | Minneapolis Convention Center

The Lake Home and Cabin Show in Minneapolis has numerous vendors that can help you build or finish up the amenities of the lake home or cabin of your dreams. For those ready to talk about wall space, interior design, and wall decor for their space, Joe Garza Photography will have a 20' x 20' booth filled with landscape and nature photography fine art prints and a wealth of information and personal attention to help you find the perfect print for your space.

How to Find 'Fine Art Galleries Near Me': Art Galleries and Art Shows

Many people looking for Fine Art can be wondering where the best place to purchase or view fine art photography. Many people don't have a brick and mortar fine art photography gallery near them. If that's the case for you, art shows can be a fantastic place to view the actual prints. For a listing of art shows near you, you can check Joe Garza's Art Shows & Events page and know there will be more added across the country this year!

Best Selling Landscape Photography of 2022

What an amazing year not only for traveling to some epic locations but capturing some incredible photos of landscapes and abstract art. It was a hard decision to decide on the top 10 images. So I decided to list the top 10 best selling images of 2022. In no particular order here they are!

Scripps Pier | La Jolla, California | Fine Art Photography Prints For Sale

This online gallery showcases fine art photography from the Ellen Browning Scripps Memorial Pier located in La Jolla, California by world-class landscape and nature photographer Joe Garza. This unparalleled collection contains images of Scripps Pier at sunrise, sunset, high and low tide, and calm and stormy weather. 

Mauna Loa Erupts - Chasing the Light | Volcano Photography

It's been nearly 40 years since the world's largest active volcano has erupted but Mauna Loa, on the Big Island of Hawaii, is erupting. While many individuals consider leaving the island or delaying travel, there are many that will run toward it. Once such group is photographers and you can count Joe Garza in with that group.

Garmin and Remote Travel Photography: A Match Made in Heaven

Being a landscape photographer means finding those moments and places to snag the perfect image. This means traveling to remote locations and off the beaten path and often for sunrise, or sunsets which means hiking in or out before or after dark. The right direction, provided by Garmin, is invaluable in these scenarios.

Destress at Home with Your Own Hawaiian Oasis

Hawaii is a top vacation location for many. It's both stunningly beautiful as well as a place to get away from the typical day-to-day stresses of life. So how does one bring the beauty of Hawaii home to relive those stress-free moments and relax when the world starts piling up again? Keep reading to find out how to bring these tropical locations home and relive the experience all year long.