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Earth Porn: Luscious images of Earth's most amazing light and landscape views. | #Earthporn for sale

Earthporn is a term many landscape photographers are familiar with but those watching from the sidelines may not be. Urban Dictionary defines it as "A form of view of Mother Nature in all of her succulent beauty". There's even a sub-reddit, r/EarthPorn, geared for photographers that want to share their landscape images.

Remembering Hawaii's History and Beauty after Queen Elizabeth II Dies

Queen Elizabeth's death left a mark on the world and for those of us with a love of Hawaii, it's a good time to remember how Hawaii came to be and appreciate it's beauty all the more.

Destress at Home with Your Own Hawaiian Oasis

Hawaii is a top vacation location for many. It's both stunningly beautiful as well as a place to get away from the typical day-to-day stresses of life. So how does one bring the beauty of Hawaii home to relive those stress-free moments and relax when the world starts piling up again? Keep reading to find out how to bring these tropical locations home and relive the experience all year long.

Colorado Fall Colors - When, Where & How to See the Best of Colorado Aspen Trees

When the cool, crisp air of fall hits, the mountains of Colorado call and it's time to hit the road. The best colors of the Aspen Trees in full color can be seen from north to south on some spectacular drives. 

The Magic of the Bahamas: Most Beautiful Places to Visit in the Bahamas

The Bahamas are made up of over 700 islands and and 2,000 cays in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea leaving endless beaches, lagoons, resorts, and spas to be discovered. In this post, we'll review some of the well-known tourist spots as well as lesser-known locations if you're looking for a lower key vacation. Just now you can't go wrong with any of them...they're all magical.

The Fine Art of Lighthouses | Lighthouse Photography | Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Photos

Lighthouses run up and down every coast in the U.S., including Hawaii and even throughout the Great Lakes states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Joe Garza is a world-renowned lighthouse photographer that brings an entire collection of lighthouse photos to you via his very own Fine Art Photography Gallery full of high-quality lighthouse images...

Metal or Acrylic Prints? Which is Best?

Having worked as a photographer for the last 20 years I have had many customers ask what I print my images on and what is the best quality to print with. These days you can virtually print images on anything from t-shirts, coffee mugs, paper prints and much more but my two favorite mediums to print on are acrylic and metal prints...

New ArtisanHD Brand Ambassador | Joe Garza

An outdoorsman with a thing for lighthouses, Joe Garza has been into photography since the mid ‘90s. The outdoor photographer travels 120 days a year and loves every minute of it...

Fine Art Photography Galleries in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is famous for many things and nearly always is associated with The Strip which is full of casinos, hotels, and luxury resorts, but you'll also find a many Fine Art and Luxury Photography Galleries...

Best Lighthouses to Visit on the East Coast

Lighthouses have a rich history along the American East Coast. From Marshall Point Lighthouse in Maine down to South Carolina and the Outer Banks, lighthouses run up and down every coast in the U.S. and make a wonderful stop on any visit along the coast.

All the Best of Madison, Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin is full of places to see and things to do. While often known for the flagship University of Wisconsin, State Capitol, and Dane County Farmers Market, there's lots of other attractions in and around Madison that you don't want to miss!