Madison Home Expo

January 6-8, 2023

Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center | Madison, WI

Come down and see a wide sampling of best-selling fine art prints! Joe Garza Photography will be displaying a in a 10' x 20' booth at the Madison Home Expo. Take a look at the art, let's chat about your preferences and space, and find the perfect image for your home or business.

Show Completed | See Highlights Here

We had a great show! Check out these few images of the booth but also check the Facebook page for additional photos and teasers for upcoming events!

Aspen and lighthouse images shown at Joe Garza Photography's booth at the Madison Home Expo 2023
Mountains and Kauai pier images shown at Joe Garza Photography's booth at the Madison Home Expo 2023
Fall color aspen tree and Madison union char images shown at Joe Garza Photography's booth at the Madison Home Expo 2023

Madison Home Expo - FREE TICKETS

If you'd like to come on down to the show, Contact Joe for free tickets. We'd love to see you there!

Art on Display Includes:

  • TruLife Acrylic and HD Metal museum-archival grade prints with finished sizes up to 100 inches
  • Immersive Triptych print (image split into three pieces) for a unique, high-end art experience
  • Vertical prints that work in tall spaces
  • Italian Roma Framed images include Kauai Wave Photography, Colorado Aspen Trees & Fall Colors for the ultimate way to bring the outdoors inside

Live Virtual Art Consultations and Wall Mockups

Fine art is an investment that will last more than a lifetime and we want you to be confident in your purchase. If you're debating which print to purchase or which framing option to go with, we can do a free virtual mockup at the show. We'll create an image that allows you to see what your print would look like with different framing options. We can even virtually place the art on a wall with commonly sized items like a sofa or table to compare different sizes. If you'd like to see something on your own wall, see the Virtual Art Mockup page for instructions on how to take a photo of your room and measurements that you can bring to the show.

Special Show Pricing

Come down and join us to see these stunning pieces in person and take advantage of our special show pricing for these three days!

Sneak Preview

Below are some of the showcase pieces that will be on display at this event! Come down to see additional images including ready-to-hang HD metal and ready-to-hang TruLife Acrylic prints without frames.

A white boat reflection with fall colors on the water is seen in a Cigar Leaf Roma Frame with a black linen liner.
Looking Glass | Black Liner | Cigar Leaf Italian Roma Frame
Ocean Spray in a dark ash Roma frame and black linen liner.
Ocean Spray | Black Liner | Dark Ash Italian Roma Frame
Hanalei pier on Kauai at sunset is seen in an Italian Roma Frame with a white liner.
Hanalei Dreams | White Liner | Cigar Leaf Italian Roma Frame
A photo with vibrant yellow aspen trees is seen in a medium Italian Roma Frame with a black linen liner.
Aspen Tower | Black Liner | Cigar Leaf Italian Roma Frame
Whisper, an aspen tree photo, is seen in an Italian Roma Frame above a sofa.
Tall green bamboo forest look like crooked chopsticks. Soft light shines thru the forest giving different hues and shades of green.
Chopsticks | Maui Nature Photography For Sale
Whisper seen in a Dark Ash Roma Italian Frame with a black liner.
Whisper | Black Liner | Dark Ash Italian Roma Frame
Sandstone rock formations photographed within a canyon in the American southwest.
Wave Runner
The grand view of Mount Sneffels during fall colors in the Dallas divide. This incredible view is just outside of Ridgeway, Colorado
Peaceful - Colorado Photography for Sale
Mountain covered in snow with clouds hiding the very top, is reflected on the water and surrounded by vibrant yellow aspen trees lit by the sun.
Mirror Mirror | Mt. Sneffels Fall Reflection
Bright colored leaves from red, orange and yellow fill this maple tree inside a Japanese Zen garden. A nearby pond reflects this tree in the water.
Fire Wood - Tree Photography For Sale
Time Traveler image seen in an Italian Roma Frame with a white linen liner.
Time Traveler | White Liner | Dark Ash Italian Roma Frame
Early morning lights touches the snow covered Mount Rainier. Tipsoo lake reflects the top of the mountain with cotton candy colored skies.
Morning Reflections
"S" shaped aspen tree trunks are shown close-up in an aspen forest with a sun burst shining between the trunks.
Hula Dancers
Gentle waves crash onto the beach during a sunrise. The morning sky filled with oranges and reds cast light across the waves.
Morning Curl - Beach Sunrise Photography
Portland Head Lighthouse beacon shines with overcast grey skies. The waves crash along the rocky shoreline in Maine.
On Guard | Lighthouse Photography
The famous Memorial union chairs catch the early morning sunrise burst thru the center of the chair.
Kissed | UW Images For Sale
On the island of Kauai, waves crash in to a rocky shoreline and splash up in a gorgeous pattern to see the sunlight through the bright blue water.
Splish Splash
A stunning sunset on this little secret beach on the island of Maui. The waves filling the beach with this amazing sunset.
A Little Secret | Maui Beach Photos for Sale
A famous surfboard fence in Paia ,Maui sits along the road stopping tourist everyday for photo opportunities. Shop this print and a variety of Maui images!
Paia Crayons
Grand Tetons seen as the sun rises and kisses the mountain tops with the T.A. Moulton Barn in the field.
Morning Frost