Remembering Hawaii's History and Beauty after Queen Elizabeth II Dies

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September of 2022, Hawaii remembers her visits and special ties to the UK's Royal Family. At the age of 96, she was Britain's longest reigning monarch. Queen Elizabeth first visited Honolulu in 1963 and returned briefly in 1975 but long before her reign began in 1953, the Hawaii's royal families, or ali’i, had strong ties to the British royals.

Crystal clear turquoise Hawaiian waters crash on this small beach in Kauai. Hideaways beach is tucked away surrounded by lush jungle trees.

'Washed Away' - Tucked away in a small remote beach with turquoise water on the island of Kauai this was an amazing area to photographed from the beach and the air. Just another hidden paradise beach.

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Many may not realize that Hawaii ceded itself to the United States in 1898, was made a territory in 1900, and finally became a U.S. state 1959, along with Alaska. Hawaii was actually a kingdom who's last reigning monarch, Queen Liliuokalani, was deposed in 1893.

Snow and pine trees cover the ground with snow-covered mountains in the distance are majestic with a sunset aspen glow pink & purple sky in Denali National Park

Leaving Denali National Park, the sun was setting and brought a fantastic display of aspen glow just hours before the Northern Lights decided to light up the sky in even more colors. Never a shortage of beauty in Alaska.

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Northern Lights sparkle nearly straight overhead with colors of white, purple, pink and green while snow and pine trees sit in silhouette on the ground.

After waiting for hours and watching the Northern Lights slowly build, the corona dropped overhead and put on a spectacular show along the Dalton Highway, just north of Fairbanks.

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Prior to 1893, Hawaiian monarchs, King Kamehameha and Queen Kamamalu went to London to visit King George IV in 1824 as they requested British protection for Hawaii. Later, in 1887, Queen Kapiolani and future Queen Lili’uokalani attended Queen Victoria’s golden jubilee.

A rainbow fills the Napali coastline sky with a sailboat sailing off the coast of Kauai.

Along the coast of Kauai the sky filled with rainbow colors made this stunning backdrop for this sailboat sailing along the Napali coast in Hawaii. Also available as a vertical print.

Queen Elizabeth's Mark Left on Hawaii

Queen Elizabeth's death left a mark on the world and for those of us with a love of Hawaii, it's a good time to remember how Hawaii came to be and appreciate it's beauty all the more.

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