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1| Star Wars | Alaska Northern Lights Photography Tour

The year of 2023 kicked off with an amazing Alaska Northern Lights Photography Workshop in the frozen tundra of Alaska. This workshop has been very popular and fills up every year. Capturing the amazing Northern Lights and stunning Alaska landscape photography is a bucket list experience for many people and this last year did not disappoint. The Alaska Photography Workshop starts off in Fairbanks and from there we headed a few hours north along the famous Dalton Highway, featured in the show Ice Road Truckers, which eventually brings you to Prudhoe Bay. With stops in Denali National Park, a short hike to beautiful ice caves, and dog sledding through the Alaska wilderness there are many opportunities for Alaksa Landscape Photos that make this a bucket list item you should check off by joining Light Chasing Photo Tours in 2024!

Snow covered mountains with the northern lights shine above them. Beams of purple and green bands move quickly across this night sky.

Spending time in the Artic circle within the Brooks Mountain range was just mind blowing as the Northern Lights danced across the night sky. This night we seen every color in the sky this night. This image reminded me of a scene from Star Wars with purple beams of light coming from the mountains. This is the perfect image for any home or office with a love for the night sky of Alaska.

2| Island Life | Aruba Tropical Landscape Images

After freezing our tails off in Alaska a much needed defrost was needed. The next stop of the year and a new location for me was the tropical island of Aruba. Getting back to the ocean is always a good way to soothe your soul and warm up from the cold. Never being to this tropical destination it was exciting to see what this "One Happy Island" was all about. With hours and hours in the water it was an incredible opportunity to capture pictures of sea turtles, palm trees, and white sandy beaches. If you love the islands and the warm tropical vibes then Aruba is a must to visit. It's a close second to Hawaii and has many locations to capture beautiful beach landscape images.

Clear turquoise waters meet a white sand beach with two palm trees swaying in the wind. White clouds pass over the ocean.

Walking on the beaches of Aruba there are many amazing views that just say paradise. These palm trees with the Caribbean sea in the background was no exception. I had to capture this quiet perfect scene of tropical paradise.

Aruba Beaches | Tropical Island | Beach Pictures

3| Napali Window | Hawaii Landscape Photos

The Hawaiian islands have always held a very special place in my heart and thankfully our Kauai Photography Workshop lands me there every year. This year was brought an incredible three island hop which started off in Kauai, also known as the "Garden of Isle" to lead our photography workshop. The views and incredible weather possibilities on Kauai bring endless opportunities for beautiful Hawaii landscape photos. If you are after capturing and seeing beautiful Hawaii landscape photos and tropical sites that will fill your heart and soothe your soul this is the place to be!

Cliffs and dramatic views of lush green and waterfalls in Hawaii. Clouds fill the valley while sunlight shines along the cliffs in the distance.

Along the Kalepa Ridge trail (Airplane trail), located at Kalalau lookout in the Koke'e State park, I discovered this view and spent most of the afternoon and evening watching the view and light change as the clouds moved through the valley. It was an incredible time along this trail and I hope you can join us next year for our Kauai Photography Workshop so you can see these views with your own eyes!

Kalepa Ridge Trail | Kauai Photography Workshop

4| Morning Rush | O'ahu, Hawaii Landscape Photos

The next island stop was the amazing island of O'ahu also known as "The Gathering Place". The famous North Shore and the sweet little surf town of Haleʻiwa turned out to be my favorite little spot on the island. Known for it's incredible surfing history and beautiful shoreline this island is packed with history from the capitol of Honolulu and the historic city of Chinatown and the Punchbowl. Waikiki's iconic beaches along with it's dining and nightlife are a favorite of many but aren't really on the top of my list given the stunning Hawaii landscape photo opportunities that abound. As a Navy veteran, it was a privilege to visit the historical site of Pearl Harbor and gather a collection of images remembering the fateful day of December 7, 1941. This Hawaiian island has so much to offer in Hawaii landscape photos, history, and of course plenty of time and space to kick back and relax. With its stunning beaches, lush tropical forests, and vibrant culture Oahu is a paradise that has something to offer everyone. Oahu is an ideal destination for any kind of traveler looking to see beautiful Hawaii landscape scenes.

The ocean waves kiss the shore as the sun rises with island mountains on the horizon with the orange sun and puffy white clouds.

A beach sunrise at Lanikai Beach is definitely worth the wake up. The gentle ocean waves, lofty clouds, palm trees, and sun reflecting on the water set a scene I wanted to sit in all day long.

Beach Sunrise Photography | Beautiful Sunrise | Palm Tree Photos

5| Hawaii Rush | The Big Island of Hawaii Landscapes

The Big Island of Hawaii was the last Hawaiian Island to hop to. Being my favorite island, decided to turn into a family trip where we gave the kids their first experience on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. What an experience it was watching them swim with dolphins, manta rays, and see all the beautiful location where I've captured so many stunning Hawaii landscape photos. With the island loaded with tropical sites and amazing beaches to love, there is no other island that gives you a place to swim with manta rays, horseback ride and whale watch, all on the same visit. Not to mention the no other island that allows you to see a fiery volcano, a 420-foot waterfall in Hilo and see a black-sand beach. All those gorgeous Hawaii landscape images alone with the many cultural treasures and so many varying environments all wrapped in one island in the Pacific ocean make the Big Island of Hawaii a truly magical place to visit.

Ocean water rushes around lava rock filling up giant holes along the shore during a beautiful sunset. The sky turns the clouds with oranges and pink colors.

Watching the sunset in Hawaii is a magical experience everyone should be able to see once in their lifetime. I absolutely love watching the ocean water rush in and out blowholes along the coast. The water motion can be memorizing to watch. This image is available in many different sizes and is a must for any tropical sunset lover. Check out the sizes below!

6| Simple Life | Glacier National Park | Amazing Nature Photos

Next adventure took led to Glacier National Park to for our Glacier National Park photography workshop. This park is filled with views of melting glaciers, alpine meadows, grand views of carved valleys and spectacular glacier fed lakes. Glacier is must for any nature lover or hiker to explore hundreds of miles of trails. Located in the wilderness area in Montana Rocky Mountains that run up to the Canadian border. The famous Going-to-the-sun road leads you thru this photogenetic park around every bend. Glacier National Park is a gold mine for amazing nature photography that anyone searching to capture beautiful nature photos needs to visit. Join us in 2024 to see this incredible place with your own eyes and capture your own beautiful nature photos during this Glacier National Park Photo Tour.

A glacier fed turquoise lake is surrounded by mountains and pine trees. Spring purple flowers are in the foreground covering the ground.

Glacier National Park is one of Americas most visited and popular park in the US. Getting away from the crowds and off the path leads to many rewards. This view of Grinnell Lake is just stunning with the soft light peaking thru the clouds along with the spring flowers. When I saw this I knew I had to spend some time to capture it perfectly. This is the end result.. Enjoy the Simple Life.

Glacier National Park Photos | Grinnell Glacier Trail Images

7| Canadian Memories | Banff National Park | Beautiful Nature Photography

After departing Glacier National Park the path lead north to Banff National Park to visit to capture the beautiful nature photos of pristine glacier fed lakes and stunning mountains. This entire area is going to require many more visits given its abundance of beauty as I wasn't able to capture a fraction of the beautiful nature photos that I can't seem to get enough of. Located in the province of Alberta, the vast wilderness of Canada is another world to explore with many beautiful nature photos in many remote areas. The classic views of Lake Louise and Moraine Lake are just the tip of what Banff National Park has to offer. The natural beauty of Banff, Yoho, and Jasper National Park's lakes and mountains gave Canada its first National Park and the world's third national park refuge. It is also part of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's truly a land filled with sights I had previously only dreamed of and can't wait to capture more stunning nature photography images there.

A stunning turquoise blue lake surrounded by mountains peaks and pine trees. Early morning sunrise shines soft orange light across the mountains.

Considered to be one of the best views in the world, Lake Moraine ranks right up there. This incredible glacier fed lake situated in the Valley of the Ten Peaks is simply breathtaking beyond words. If you have been there then you know the feeling for sure. This morning sunrise with soft cast reflection in the turquoise waters was incredible to view from the popular location called the "Rockpile" One of my favorites spots also to view is by the canoes tied up in a circular pattern as seen on the right side of the image. If you love the Canadian Rockies and the gorgeous areas of Banff National Park and surrounding areas this image a must for you home or office. Make sure to check out my other images from this incredible here in the Canada National Park Photography

Lake Moraine Photography For Sale | Banff National Park Photography |Fine Art Photography For Sale

8| Nature's Canvas | Mount Rainier National Park

The next stop of 2023 had me returning to the always gorgeous Mt. Rainier National Park. This is another incredible U.S. National park that needs to be visited a few times to take in and capture its beautiful nature photography with many hiking trails to discover. Not only is it a photographer's landscape dream to capture stunning nature photography images, it's a must to see in all the different seasons. This active volcano that ascends to 14,410ft is a icon location in Washington landscape. This amazing park is filled with waterfalls, lush forests and tons of hiking trails making it a prime location to capture beautiful nature photos.

Snow capped mountain surrounded by pine trees and wildflower meadows. The foreground is filled with white, red and purple wildflowers.

Mount Rainier National Park is one to visit and add to your vacation trips. Not only is this beautiful park a active volcano but is filled with a abundant wildlife. Depending on the season you visit this National Park there is so much to see and hiking is everywhere. Make sure to add this park to your family vacation plans.

9| Golden Road | Colorado Mountain Landscape Photography

The last stop of the year, and one of my most favorite spots to be in when fall hits is the beautiful state of Colorado. Every year the Colorado Fall Color Photography Workshop brings me to the Ouray, Telluride, Ridgeway areas to share these scenes and teach others how to capture beautiful Colorado Mountain Landscape Photography. Catching the amazing fall colors in the San Juan Mountains is always a spectacular site to see and each year, the same view can look very different from the year before given weather conditions and timing of the fall colors. There is so much to see and visit for opportunities to capture more Colorado mountain landscape photography. The weather can change so quickly around the mountains. One day there can be clear skies and the next they give way to a raging snow storm covering the landscape with white beauty and fall colors. Throw in the changing light around sunrise and sunset and there are endless possibilities of capturing Colorado mountain photography during this incredible five day photo adventure. If you love the mountains and the crisp smell of autumn then Colorado has so much to offer. Be sure to check out my Colorado Mountain Landscape images and join our Colorado Photography Workshop in 2024!

Standing in the middle of the road looking towards snow covered mountain that is surrounded by peaking fall colors with aspen trees.

For as many years I have been traveling all around Colorado this view new gets old. This road just outside of Telluride leads you directly into the snow capped San Juan mountains. The fall colors protect the roadside. The sun was peaking in and out of the clouds and just highlighted the aspen trees. This is one of my favorite images around Colorado. If you looking for fine art mountain photography and prints then make sure you check out my Colorado landscape photography gallery.

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