What to Expect on a Photography Workshop?

Photography is a passion of mine. It started 20+ years ago and since I had a DSLR first put in my hand, it’s been a constant in my life. Hands-on has always been the best way for me to learn which is exactly why I offer photography workshops. I’ve partnered with Nick Selway to create Light Chasing Photo Tours where we teach photography in a hands-on environment to those with a passion for landscape and nature photography. If you’re ready to consider a photography workshop, read on. In this post I’ll talk about what you can expect in every Light Chasing Photo Tours photography workshop, how to prepare, and what comes after the workshop closes.

Photo of workshop participants on the Maui Photo Workshop in 2021.
2021 Maui Photography Workshop | Light Chasing Photo Tours with Joe Garza and Nick Selway

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Why Take a Photography Workshop?

Towering aspen trees with rich yellow peak colors fill the San Juan mountains forest with amazing views.

Deep in the San Juan mountains just outside of Telluride, Colorado the aspen tree groves show off their rich yellow orangish color leaves.

Like what you see? Join Light Chasing Photo Tours for our Colorado Fall Colors Workshop and bring home amazing images of your own!

For those who have a love of photography, there are many reasons to take a photography workshop. Here’s just a few:

Level Up Your Photography Skills

Dedicate the time to spending some time with your camera, learning more settings and trying new techniques with professional guidance in a comfortable environment. ALL PHOTOGRAPHY LEVELS AND EQUIPMENT ARE WELCOME!

Expand Your Portfolio

Discover a new location and expand your portfolio with stunning new landscape and nature photography images. All you have to do is show up and you’ll be brought right up to these stunning views.

See the Best and Most Iconic Locations

You don’t need to worry about planning logistics or how to get to that backroad view or even driving early in the morning or late at night. Transportation to the best locations at the best time of day is included! As your guides, Nick and I have been shooting these locations for years and each year scout the views again prior to the workshop.

Meet People Who Share Your Passion

Everyone on the workshop has a love for photography and the outdoors. We are down to Earth people who like to teach photography, have some fun and good laughs, and make new connections.

Read our client testimonials!

Workshop clients at Molas Lake in Colorado during the 2022 Fall Color Workshop.
2022 Colorado Photography Workshop | Light Chasing Photo Tours with Joe Garza and Nick Selway

What to Expect During a Photography Workshop

A aerial view of a waterfall towering over the cliffs edge towering 400 ft. This waterfall was used in the movie from Jurassic Park.

The famous waterfall in Kauai known as Jurassic Park Falls (Manawaiopuna Falls). This majestic waterfall stands 400 feet tall and is famous for appearing in Steven Spielberg's classic Hollywood blockbuster Jurassic Park. This epic waterfall is a popular destination for fans of the movie, however the waterfall can only be accessed by helicopter due to its remote location on private land deep in the Hanapepe Valley. It's a must see if you love the movie Jurassic Park or waterfalls.

While every workshop is slightly different, there are a few constants that you can expect from every workshop:

Learn from Professionals

As your professional photography tour guides, we are experienced in both photography composition as well as camera settings and troubleshooting. At Light Chasing Photo Tours, Nick and I create a comfortable environment where you can ask any qu

estion at any time. Whether you shoot Nikon, Sony, Canon, or something else, we will make sure you get the shot.

Stunning Locations with the Best Possible Light

No one can guarantee a beautiful sunset, Northern Lights, or Grizzly Bears but with experience, you get to know the best times for the best shot at each location. Additionally, on those occasions where conditions aren’t optimal, we will show you unexpected compositions and new techniques. There’s ALWAYS something to capture and we can teach you how to find the extraordinary in what appears to be ordinary.

Driving and Travel Time

There's typically a fair amount of car time as we drive to sunrise, sunset or other locations. This is a great time to answer any questions you have and discuss them as a group. This is also where we get to know each other and have more than a few laughs!

Food, Downtime, and Sleep

While we hit the road pretty early and are typically out for sunset, we’ll make plenty of time to stop for food, snacks and usually allow for downtime in the afternoon. Our schedule is driven by the light and weather and we make time for all the creature comforts around that. I’m going to be honest here, you’ll likely be tired and some people occasionally skip one or more of the outings, but I can guarantee that it’s all worth it. We have only a few short days together and in that time I’m going to try to get you the best views and teach you as much as you want to learn. You’ll go home with amazing memories and stunning landscape and nature images that you’ll have for a lifetime.

Workshop clients standing at a beach on Kauai capturing photos of sunset in 2023.
2023 Kauai Photography Workshop | Light Chasing Photo Tours with Joe Garza and Nick Selway

Aerial photo of the Maui shoreline as the turquoise water comes in to kiss the sandy shore.

This image beautifully captures the moment where the powerful yet gentle ocean kisses the shore. Blue ocean waves and a sandy shore really are a match made in heaven.

How to Prepare for a Photography Workshop

Pine trees stand in the foreground with bright green ribbons of light stretch across the night sky. These colors dance across the sky.

Narrow green beams of the Northern lights rip across the night sky in Alaska. The Aurora Borealis dances across the landscape of the frozen tundra. It just amazes me to watch the mother nature light show. Enjoy this amazing image for you cabin or lake home.

When you’re coming up to a photography workshop, here’s a few things you can do to prepare:

Reaquaint Yourself with Your Camera

Take your camera out and review settings. We’ll be working on using manual settings for aperture, ISO, and shutter speed so knowing how to change those settings will be helpful. However, even if you have a brand-new camera you’ve never opened, bring it along and we’ll show you how to use it!

Ask Questions Before the Workshop

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about your equipment. Sometimes you may want to rent a different lens or want to bring certain filters. If you’re unsure about anything, contact Joe and ask away.

Pack the Right Gear for the Weather

Make sure you have the right layers, sunscreen, hats, gloves, boots or flipflops for the location and time of year. This way you can stay comfortable and focus on the photography and enjoying the time outdoors in these beautiful landscapes.

Workshop clients standing under a sky of Northern Lights they are taking photos of during the 2023 Alaska Northern Lights Workshop.
2023 Alaska Northern Lights Photography Tour | Light Chasing Photo Tours with Joe Garza and Nick Selway

Backlit waves crashes along the Napali coast in Kauai. This sunset filled the entire sky orange creating a gorgeous Hawaii scene.

Hawaii sunsets are just spectacular over the Kauai coastline. This evening was just one of them. The incredible orange glow backlit the crashing waves along the Napali coast on Ke'e Beach. Known for it's beautiful turquoise waters and stunning beaches this is just another slice of paradise in the Hawaiian islands.

What to Expect After the Photography Workshop with Light Chasing Photo Tours

The fall colors in Colorado are absolutely stunning during the fall season. Mixtures of colors from every mountain peak with blazing colors from Aspen trees.

One of the most stunning fall color scenes I have ever seen. This mixture of aspen, pine trees and more stopped me in my tracks when I saw it. Colorado has some of my stunning fall color landscape I have ever seen. Obstacle Course is a must for any fall color lover.

Like what you see? Join Light Chasing Photo Tours for our Colorado Fall Colors Workshop and bring home amazing images of your own!

The workshop is where this story starts. Once you go home here’s what you have to look forward to:

Incredible Memories

All the image you capture are just part of it. You also take with you the memories of how the breeze felt, the smell of fall colors in the mountains of Colorado, the crisp cold of Alaska nights while you marveled at the ribbons of Northern Lights in the sky, along with the car rides, conversations, and laughs.

Stunning Landscape & Nature Photography Images

You've got your images from the workshop. Take some time to go through them in Lightroom or Photoshop and pick out your top 5 or 10. Look at composition and know that editing can change the light, highlights, and final look of your image.

Post Processing Sessions with a Professional

Once you’ve got your favorites picked out, let’s set up a call and I can walk you through any post processing questions you might have. The goal is to help you get to an image you love and want to print for your home. Done at a print lab that uses archival grade print materials, your print will last for generations.

Workshop clients standing in front of Mount Wilson during the 2022 Colorado Fall Color Photography Workshop.
2022 Colorado Fall Colors Photography Workshop | Light Chasing Photo Tours with Joe Garza and Nick Selway

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I hope this helps you know what to expect on a photo workshop and that you'll consider joining me with Light Chasing Photo Tours! We'd love to hit the ground with you at one of the following incredible locations we offer:

  • Glacier National Park Photography Tour brings you to the Going to the Sun Road, turquoise alpine lakes, deep forests, waterfalls, and wildlife like grizzly bears as we travel through some of the most stunning sights in the Rocky Mountains.
  • Colorado Fall Colors Photography Workshop brings you the best of the the San Juan Mountains and the vibrant aspen trees that surround them.
  • Alaska Northern Lights Photography Tour brings you nearly to the Arctic Circle to see the incredible Lady Aurora dancing across the sky. It's a bucket list experience you can't miss.
  • Kauai Photography Workshop gets you up close and personal with Kauai beaches, cliffs, and mountain spires along the tropical shores of turquoise blue water. Don't miss the doors off helicopter ride or the sunset dinner cruise along the Napali Coast!
  • Maui Photography Workshop brings you to the famous Road to Hana, bamboo forest, and magical sunrises and sunsets from Haleakala along with a good dose of vitamin sea and palm trees make for the perfect Hawaiian get away for you and your camera.
  • Alaska Brown Bears Photography Workshop brings you to an exclusive location not available to the public for up close and personal viewing of brown bears and other wildlife with the safety of an experienced Alaska bear safety guide.

Don't wait! Sign up today for an epic adventure with Light Chasing Photo Tours!

Workshop clients in Maui during the 2021 Photography Workshop.
2021 Maui Photography Workshop | Light Chasing Photo Tours with Joe Garza and Nick Selway

Be There. Breathe It In. Discover the World.



Photo of Joe Garza with Light Chasing Photo Tours.

Born and raised in Westland, Michigan, Joe has always had a passion for photography. It started while serving in the United States Navy in the early 90's when his travels brought him all over the world. He was able to turn his passion into his profession and continues to focus on bringing you amazing images through his collection of images from National Parks, Hawaii, and the U.S. from the east coast lighthouses, Colorado mountains, and canyons and deserts across the southwest. Joe resides in Madison, Wisconsin with with his 3 children.


Photo of Nick Selway of Light Chasing Photo Tours.

Born and raised in Lake Stevens, Washington along the Northern Cascade Mountains, he grew a profound appreciation for the natural world at a young age. He spent his childhood traveling and exploring the Pacific Northwest with his family as his love for mother nature grew. He has been photographing for the last 18 years. He'd lived in Kailua Kona, Big Island of Hawaii for the last 14 years where he ran 2 photography galleries "Lava Light Galleries" and did photo tours to the volcano and around the island. In 2018 Nick moved with his beautiful wife Sarah Buzzetti and embarked on a new journey his lifelong dream by opening his very own photography gallery on June 1st, 2018 located on main street in Breckenridge, Colorado. He currently travels up to 150 days a year photographing mother nature’s beauty and teaching a variety of photography workshops.

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Join Joe Garza and Nick Selway on an adventure you'll remember for a lifetime. Take time to discover the world as you hit the ground on an amazing photography workshop in Hawaii, Glacier National Park, or Colorado's San Juan Mountains to view incredible fall colors near Ouray and Telluride. Bring home memories that will live forever in your heart and continue to take your breath away long after your back at home as you look at your own images in your home.

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